Electros Water Chiller

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The cooling only water chiller, which is an air to water heat pump system, can be used for producing
cold water for villa, apartment, hotel, factory, school, SPA and swimming pool, the cold water can be
used for mixing with hot water or cooling space/room.

  1. The system adopt special T3 air conditioner compressor, operation ambient temperature
    range is -7~55 degree centigrade, noise is low and operation is stable.
  2. The system water outlet temperature can be 7 degree centigrade minimum.
  3. The system adopt the R410A refrigerant, which is environmental protection refrigerant
    there is not pollution.
  4. The system is high efficiency and save energy.
  5. The system adopt built-in circulation pump, simplify the installation process.
  6. The system adopt the special radiator fan system for electric box, to prevent electric
    element damage caused by high temperature.
  7. The system adopt the intelligent control system, the system will operate automatically
    according to the setting.
  8. The system has power cut memory function, the backup data will last about 15 days
    after power off.
  9. The system has timing function, there are two timer period for setting, user can set the
    chiller with two working period in one day.
  10. The system has a complete protection function, there are communication failure protection,
    water flow failure protection, low water temperature protection, high exhaust temperature
    protection, low/high system pressure protection, high current protection and
    temperature sensor failure protection.


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